Mr. S

The first seconds of our encounter were really endless. He acted and talked like he was the most important being on the planet and he definitely, for the untrained eye, was the most important, the most charming, the smartest and brightest in a radius of at least 1000 km.

And since the reality is so many times so stunningly different from the projections of ourselves we are – all – constantly trying – some of us even managing – to show, I could not just pass by this most interesting specimen. I have seen infatuation before. Even worse than the one this utmost precocious specimen displayed. I have seen guys behaving like fighting cocks in their desperate need to be recognized and worshiped. I have in fact seen so many personalities that I stopped wondering a long time ago about what other types of different guys I could meet over the years. But what I saw and got to be part of that very night, would be so mind blowing that my head indeed felt like it was short before exploding next morning, when heading home I started to rewind the events which took place during that night.

He was atrociously trying to be seen, liked and appreciated. Most of the people coming in touch with such persons are not able to really see beyond the curtains and do believe the person sitting in front of them is actually that extrovert and charming. I did not for a second believe what he was telling me and it was this I do not believe a word you are saying, this kind of unusual, unreal charming, which should stop any rational human being from taking a step further, which made me go on, full of curiosity, my body full of adrenaline, my blood craving the adventure. He sat there, talking about his achievements and choices in life for hours. He was definitely a keeper; he thought and emphasized it every time he had the chance.

I knew it was not the best idea to accept his invitation and go over to his apartment and yet I did it; for the greater good of one more personal research.

A few hours later I was managing to simply walk out of the most disgusting rape attempt I had seen or as a matter of fact heard of…


My dear reader, if you want to read more, all you have to do is ask.

I am not and do not want to become a self published author. I write short stories based on real facts and characters and I fully enjoy it.



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