Mr. I

Had you met Mr. I under normal circumstances, your perception regarding his personality would definitely have been influenced by that.

Had he been a work colleague, you would have perceived and cataloged him based on his behavior at work and automatically on the personality he would have projected during office times. Had he been your child’s school teacher, the same.

Had you met at the gym, what he would have projected would have been his spare time and hobby oriented personality traits.

Had you met at the baker’s in the morning, he had probably just been the guy buying something on his way to work.

There are so many instances where we can place labels on people based on what they are doing and how they behave the very moment we see them for the first time, that most of us are unable to get a clear mind and analyse the person and not the behavior or the environment.

What about meeting some middle aged man or woman in a bar at almost 4 o’clock in the morning? What personality does one show at that time and after having had a couple of drinks? Does one have the time or that inspiration or even the patience to think about what that person is doing there? If they have to work next day? If they are employed or freelance, daily alcohol consumers or casual drinkers? Or what their everyday lives look like?

Books are really being judged by their covers nowadays.


My dear reader, if you want to read more, all you have to do is ask.

I am not and do not want to become a self published author. I write short stories based on real facts and characters and I fully enjoy it.



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