Mr. M

[…] Not only should Mr. M not have been present that evening and got to get the front seat during the rehearsals, but he also did not sign up for this although managing to get the role in an instant.
Drinking alcohol and making really enjoyable friendships has never been my thing. I am the kind of shy person when it comes to meeting people in bars. That evening would be different. I had accepted to meet with Mr. W for various reasons. Business related mainly. Maybe a little bit of solitude and needing to spend an evening somehow different from usual. After having some numberless…pardon me, countless number of beers, we decided to change bars and after a couple of minutes of walking, we finally arrived to one that was still open and where one could smoke *). Arrived there, our until then not at all boring conversation continued and we were having a real good time together. Talking about amusing past events in our lives made us laugh and make jokes and not even think that we actually did not know each other at all. We had met some weeks ago by mistake (faith? personality? who knows…or I know, but I have decided to keep it until the very end of these reflections). “What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to be so open and chill in the presence of a total stranger.” I think. Then I see the guy sitting alone at the table next to us and I ask him to come and have a drink with us. To my not so big surprise, he does not deny my (being somewhat drunk) not really feminine/charming/inviting invitation. […]
*) Yeah, I smoke. None of the characters in my stories do. A partially funny, partially frustrating series of reflections on addictions shall come these days
My dear reader, if you want to read more, all you have to do is ask.
I am not and do not want to become a self published author. I write short stories based on real facts and characters and I fully enjoy it.



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